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What is Her House?

Her House is a political online platform that is working towards empowering young women to pursue a future in politics through reading, writing, listening, and learning. Our goal is to have more women and girls develop their own opinions and ideas on political issues in efforts to give women a stronger voice in politics and create a government where ALL individuals are equally represented.

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Yasmine Parsi, Founder and Digital Creator

      I was inspired to create Her House when I first started getting extremely interested in government, politics and public policy issues. I have always loved listening to different political commentators and their thoughts on current topics; however, I often found myself hearing men speak and voice their beliefs, while women were constantly left out of the conversation. I then started to observe the extreme misogyny more closely towards women in power, specifically women in high positions in office. The large gap between the number of men and women who held these powerful positions in government pushed me to want to seek change.  

       Growing up, my mom would also often share her thoughts and opinions on current public policy issues, though constantly telling me to research on my own to discover what my personal stance was. Her guidance on how to research and develop my own opinions on political issues greatly helped me find my voice, and I hope Her House does the same for other young women who feel silenced.

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