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Reproductive Rights Protest

Women's Reproductive Rights are Now at Stake

10/20/20 by Ashleigh Lobo

          On September 18, 2020 Ruth Bader Ginsburg tragically died from pancreatic cancer.Ruth Bader Ginsburg had a history for fighting for the rights of women, most notably as a Supreme Court justice who voted in favor of  Roe v. Wade; however, her death has caused a panic for the reproductive rights of women, which we have been fighting for decades.

         The panic is caused by the possible conservative nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, who is a pro-life activist vowing to repeal Roe v. Wade.If she were to be approved by the Senate which has a Republican majority, Roe v. Wade would be at stake considering that the Supreme Court would then be majority conservative.

         Roe v. Wade was the turning point which allowed women to have control of their reproductive system.This decision made in 1973 gave women the ability to chose whether they wanted to continue their pregnancy or have the right to get an abortion. This Supreme Court decision has set a precedent of women having control over their bodies for decades and as a result women's rights have come a long way.

          Majority of women in the 21st century, have thanked the women such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was apart of the Supreme Court ruling establishing Roe v. Wade, for the ability to chose if they want to have an abortion.However her recent passing has caused an uproar as women all over America are now worried about losing reproductive rights.

          This is not the first time Pro-life advocates have tried to take away a women’s right to choose.Their normal target is Planned Parenthood.Pro-lifers have not only harassed women outside of Planned Parenthood clinics, but have been trying to “get rid of”  Planned Parenthood altogether.This is horrifying because of all the services Planned Parenthood provides for a lessened cost.They have cancer screening, birth control, contraception, and ultrasound screenings to name a few.Taking these services away would not only negatively impact so many women, but also would not even stop abortion.They would only be taking away safe abortion and means of contraception to avoid pregnancy for vulnerable women, who have the legal right to choose.

          These next few weeks will be very critical in deciding the future of women’s reproductive rights. We can only hope that even though a legend like Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, after fighting so hard for the future of women, we will have a future of complete control over our reproductive decisions without worry.

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